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Need to clear your self storage unit anywhere in England? Call in the professionals today.

Self Storage units don’t last forever and you maybe looking at some point to clear your unit out or even clear some of the unit out to create more space. Call Rubbish Clearance Limited today for a free no obligation quotation.




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Self storage units are great for storing items you no longer have room for but unfortunately they are not free and don’t last forever. We find our rubbish clearance services are being used more and more now to either clear units which are no longer required or to even clear part of the self storage units to create more space for other items.

If you are currently ending a rental agreement with a self storage company or wish too create more space in the self storage container you are already renting, please feel free to call Rubbish Clearance Limited today for a free no obligation quote. We man our phones 7 days a week and always have a fully trained, friendly member of staff waiting to take your call.

To book a clearance of a self storage unit all you need to do is call and arrange a day and time and our vehicle and staff will meet you at the site ready to clear your unit.

If there are items of good condition we may ask if we can send these on to one of our charity shops who we work in conjunction with.


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